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Directorate is geared towards improving research, consultancy and publication
capacity of the University to generate and disseminate knowledge that is
responsive to the needs of contemporary society. To implement this goal, the
Directorate consistently organizes trainings on participatory research and
publication techniques and strengthen research and consultancy activities in
the University. The broader purpose is to transform MWECAU into world class
Research University that translates global and regional research initiatives
into local context.

To achieve its goals, the
Directorate thus far managed to conduct numerous trainings for MWECAU academic
staff and students on evolving participatory research and consultancy
techniques. Numerous areas of research have been identified and research topics
and concepts papers for the same have been developed. The process to develop
the high quality journal articles is on-going.

the department levels the heads of department have been encouraged and enabled
to organize mini-workshops to academic staff at the faculty and departmental
levels. The purpose is to ensure that not only the academic team at Mwenge
Catholic University are engaging in high quality teaching, assessing and
supervising students, but also conducting rigorous research and disseminating
the findings through publications and academic conferences.

Mwenge Journal of
Academic Studies

MWECAU has been encouraging its staff to produce various
publications in ensuring that community is enriched with knowledge. Through
Mwenge Journal for Academic Study (MJAS) MWECAU has been printing various
articles in this journal as Described in the Table below;

Table 1: Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies

S/N Journal Vol. No. of Articles Year of Publication
1 Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies Vol. 1 4 2013
2 Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies Vol. 2 5 2014
3 Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies Vol. 3 6 2015
4 Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies Vol. 4 6 2016
5 Mwenge Journal of Academic Studies Vol. 5 6 2017

Table 2: Workshops and Conferences

S/No Dates Workshop/Conference
Participant Paper
1 29-30th.October 2014 Socio-Economic Development in
East Africa: Challenges and Possible Solutions’
180 from East Africa 17
2 19-20 November 2015, Globalization and its Impact on
Social, Economic and Political Changes in East Africa
200 from East Africa 18
3 24th-25th
November 2016
Language and Education 200 from East Africa 17
4 23rd – 24th
November 2017
Education and Industrialization:
Matching the Goals of Education to Labour Market and Society Needs
300 from East Africa 18
5 5th
– 7th November 2018
Indigenous knowledge in
Africa: Ways of being, knowing, acting and reading the world. Proceedings of
the 4th international African association for the study of
indigenous knowledge systems AASIKS conference
300 people from Tanzania, South
Africa, Mozambique, Zimbambwe, Angola, Kenya,
6 1-3rd July 2015 Communication Workshop for MWECAU
7 4-6th July 2016 Spreading the Kingdom of God
through communication

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