Religious Service


To all people, all faithswelcome to MWECAU Chaplaincy: a place for everyone!

Our MWECAU community is not simply secular; nor is it simply religious; it is both religious and secular in complex ways. If we want to work together and succeed in our common academic quest there needs to be a lot of interactions and collaborations across religious and secular boundaries. Interactions

MWECAU Chaplaincy provides pastoral and spiritual support for students and staff of all faiths.

The University Chaplain is Rev. Fr. Philip Ng’oja, CSSp. He offers confidential, non-judgemental listening. He also provides spiritual support in person, or by phone. However, if you would like support that is specific to your denomination or religious faith, then you should be able to find someone in your denomination or faith.

Again, welcome to the Chaplaincy – a centre on campus, for those of all faiths.

The Mwenge University Chaplaincy is much more than an individual or an agenda of programs or opportunities for service. It is the Spirit of MWECAU…the Spirit that moves, that leads, that guides. The chaplain serve all students, faculty and staff—whatever their faith—by helping them understand and engage the University mission and Catholic tradition so that they can share it with each other, their communities and the world beyond. The purpose of the chaplaincy therefore hinges on the university motto “LUX MUNDI” light of the world; aiming at building a living community of true brothers and sisters of God and witnessing a life lived in an authentic faith of each denomination.

MWECAU provides chaplaincy services on Campus which are an integral part of the activities and life at the University.

In order to nurture the spiritual aspect of the lives of students and staff, the University chaplaincy:

  • Provides spiritual counselling to students and staff.
  • Offers general support and guidance while also drawing attention to the spiritual value within the various faiths.
  • Coordinates all the religious activities and celebrations on Campus in order to create an orderly atmosphere and unity.
  • Allocates places of prayer and worship for different Christian denominations and Muslims.
  • Organizes interdenominational activities and prayers for better understanding among members of different Christian denominations and strengthening unity.
  • Organizes an Inter-religious dialogue (especially between Christians and Moslems) to promote understanding and respect.
  • Organizes events such as seminars and pilgrimages among the catholic community.
  • Provides catechetical instructions for Catholics who would like to receive the Sacraments.
  • Helps the growth of the Small Christian communities and its members within the catholic community.
  • Offers the Sacrament of Reconciliation to Catholic students and staff.
  • Provides spiritual care and guidance to Catholic Small Christian Communities, Movements, Associations and Devotional groups on Campus.
  • Organize someoutreach Ministries like visiting the less privileged.


The Chaplaincy Office is located besides Msarikie Hall and it is open Monday – Friday, from 8.00am to 5pm and Saturday from 8:00am to noon.

Mass Times during the Academic School Year

Morning and evening prayers as well as the celebration of the Eucharist is offered daily at the University church during the academic year. Mass is offered according to the following schedule: Monday – Saturday at 6.30am and on Sundays at 8.00am.

Prayer Times during the Academic School Year

Prayers are said on campus during the academic year by the catholic community at the University church, Monday – Saturday; Morning Prayer at 6.15am and Evening prayer at 6.30pm.

Other Christian denominations have Praise/Worship at designated places during weekdays at the same times.

The chaplaincy endeavours to make itself an amazing and incredible place where each and all may call it his/her second home. Make it one of your favourite places especially when you are having a bad day and not feeling safe and comfortable — all will be well!