The University Library a Four story building is stocked with relevant and appropriate textbooks, reference books and journals. Currently the library has over 45,000 books and 5,000 e-journals in 27 databases. In addition, the library has 5,000 e-books and many CD ROMs for students and staff to access for study and research purposes. It also has Tanzanian newspapers and periodicals. The library has installed internet facilities accessible to both academic staff and students.  Moreover there are more than 3,000 books that are being processed ready for use in the nearest future. The following table summarizes the services provided by MWECAU Library.

In the ground floor it comprises of Library reserve section, Technical section, new books store and Security system room. While in the 1st and 2nd floor comprises of general collection area, circulation area, reading area, service area, staff offices.

The 3rd floor of the library building is for conferences where it has three conference halls and on office. The 4th floor is a server area.

The status of the library services provided by MWECAU to its customers

No Items No of items Student: Item Ratio Remarks
1 Text books 42,000 1:13  Ideal
2 Journal titles (print) 4000 65:1  To be improved
3 Journal titles (online) 27 data bases Subscribed to Consortium of Tanzania University Libraries (COTUL) on the internet)
4 Open Access journal titles (online) 27 data bases 1:3 Over 5000 journals in different languages are available freely on the Internet from Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
5 Internet   Accessible through available computers with connectivity
6 Wireless 8 Wireless Access Point.   Available to lecturers and students
7 Special Reserve 1500   Available  to lecturers and students
8 e-Resources(CDs & DVDs) 840 1:21 Acceptable
9 Sitting capacity- Library 1000 Acceptable