Guidance and Counseling


Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) services was established in 2012 to fill the gap and increase opportunities for success in the lives of all its community members through individual and group counseling services, consultations, and outreach presentations/programs. Referrals are made for those clients who are experiencing psychiatric issues.

Purpose and Goal: The main purpose of Guidance and Counseling (GC) services at MWECAU is to empower students, staff, and all community members to make desired changes in ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and live life to the fullest, filled with passion, joy and peace. The main goal is to ensuring all community members become successful academically, personally, socially, and professionally.

Staff: The Unit is staffed with two experienced Counselors of which one is available full-time in the office, and a Lecturer who is also doing other duties entrusted to him by the University.

Operation of Services: Our services are walk-in basis, first come, first served or by appointment, there is NO fees or payments required from the clients for services their given. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Saturday by appointment, Sunday the office is closed. Outside of these hours, the Counselor is available to consult over the phone for any mental health crisis concerns, schedule cancellation, and appointments.

Services for Students: Students who seek GC services come for different issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, academic issues, relationship difficulties, unplanned pregnancy and abortion; alcohol and drug use, family issues, career uncertainties, anger management, financial issues, student-teacher conflicts, suicidal thoughts/intentions, sexual identity orientation, current and past physical and sexual abuse/assault, loss and grief. Hence, our offices do provide services to a wide range of issues and to many students, some of whom are struggling with significantly difficult concerns.

Services for faculty and staff: Counselors are also available and consulted by faculty and staff, students, and/or some of their parents/guardian regarding any individual’s mental health, academics, behaviors and related struggles.

Successes: In the past three years we experienced a dramatic increase in the number of students and staff who utilized our services. Despite the challenges we are facing as Unit Staff, we believe this increase reflects on both benefits they get and trust in the service we provide, and the apparent comfort through which they feel encouraged, their problems become less challenging, increased self-confidence, dissolved doubts and apprehensions.

Conclusion: As GC staff we are happy and grateful for the opportunity given to as by the University to assist the MWECAU community members in facing their concerns and helping them to move forward in their lives in healthy and productive ways. The GC services has become an integral and important part in the University life.

Prepared by:

Sr. Josephina Mwoleka, MSW, MA, BA-Psy/PCM, LCNA

University Counselor; Call +255 752 092 180; Email;