Dean of Students Office

The main activities of the office of the Dean of Students is  to coordinate all students affairs by providing a link between the students government and the administration, orientation to new students, issuing students IDs  and NHIF cards, discipline related issues, accommodation,  sports and recreation


The Dean of Students shall therefore:

  1. Be responsible for the proper, efficient and effective administration of the affairs of the students of the university in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws prescribed in that behalf and any lawful written instructions and/or directives of any competent authority issued to him from time to time.
  2. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of sub-article 1, the administration of the affairs of the students of the university shall include:
    1. Establishment of and overseeing the machinery for monitoring, coordinating, regulating, controlling, facilitating, etc., the general conduct of students on the campus or campuses of the university and any other place or places where the affairs of the university in which students are involved may take place, be conducted or extended or where the residence of students is established, provided, organized, overseen, etc., by the university.
    2. The Dean of Students shall make arrangements for students residence accommodation, general counseling, guidance and advice, monetary issues in their varied forms, recreation, physical fitness, medical and related matters, dispute mediation and/or resolution, leisure trips, non-academic meetings on campus and off campus during semester time, etc., as may be provided for under by-laws or otherwise lawfully prescribed in writing by competent authority.
    3. Dealing with disciplinary matters (to make sure that students adhere to the rules made by the Council for the smooth conduct of university affairs – such include students’ conduct toward staff and each other, academic life, music, visitors and treatment of accommodation rooms.
  3. Taking measures or steps to facilitate procurement of facility or facilities, service or services as stated in 2(b).
  4. To work closely with the Students’ government in the propagation of a university community that is imbued with high standards of conduct which translate into high quality education acquired during the students stay at university – to help students focus not only on the classroom knowledge but development of the whole person into a professional teacher.
  5. Work closely with Students’ government in their pursuance for loans from the Loans Board and other matters pertaining to Students affairs.
  6. Dean of Students’ office is expected to promote in the university a climate that will foster cooperation.
  7. Dean of Students shall work closely with the University administration in ensuring that the Students’ Organization constitution is functional and legal.
  8. The Dean has to check the conditions for dormitories/hostels including cleanliness inside and outside the rooms, need for any repairs to be reported accordingly, use of water and electricity, use of furniture in the rooms, etc., (in collaboration with the University Matron).
  9. The Dean is expected also to work closely with the university nurse/matron.

Dean of Students,

Mwenge Catholic University,

P.O. Box 1226, Moshi

Tanzania, East Africa

Tell +255-27-2974110

Fax +255-27-2974108

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