ICT Service


The Systems Administration Unit aims at providing services and support to staff and students on ICT related issues at Mwenge Catholic University and the general public, so as to enable the University to effectively fulfill its core functions. The Unit activities includes;

    1. Maintenance and repair of ICT facilities at the University;
    2. Manage various systems and software at the University;
    3. Maintain and extend the University network infrastructure;
    4. To develop various software as required by the University;
    5. Create awareness to the University community on the use of ICT related systems;
    6. Advice the University management on ICT issues, procedures and plans.

MWECAU has a fibre optic internet connection and a computing unit to provide services for word processing, data analysis, and internet access for extracting pertinent information from international databases. Students and staff access ICT facilities from the library, the computing centre and around the campus whereby wireless facility available throughout the campus.

University Management System (UMS)

In order to keeping track of the students and staff records the university has installed the University Management System (UMS). The UMS manages the student’s examination results, academic background, registration, printing IDs, and staff profiles.

Student ICT services

The ICT department provides students various services including the following:-

  • E-journal from COTUL that can be accessed directly from the university website plus access to a local database with more than 6000 e-books.
  • General ICT advice
  • Reporting ICT faults or problems
  • How to use computing facilities

Staff ICT Services

Together with other services, the ICT department issues the following services to staff to make sure their work around university is made easier:

  • E-Mail: All staff has access to a personal e-mail account which allows them to send and receive e-mails internally and externally, and share calendars and other information with colleagues. E-mail is provided by University computing center.
  • Equipment Purchasing and Disposal: Staff are routinely given everything they need to know about ICT equipment, how to purchase it, how to keep track of it and how to dispose of it when it has reached the end of its useful life.
  • Printing: Although it is not possible for every member of staff to have a printer, there is a shared printer available within each faculty and some selected departments.
  • Software: Staff are being provided with different software such as Microsoft office package (all versions), statistical and mathematical packages. The service goes together with training and support for such programs and solving of different issues related to such.
  • E-resources: Staff can access 28 different databases for e-journals through the COTUL. This can be accessed directly from the university website by just going to the library services section. We have also a local database with more than 6000 e-books where staff can access anytime anywhere.

ICT in Teaching

Information Technology affects almost every field from education, accounting, business and many more others. Cognizant of this, ICT is a compulsory course on computer application programs that is offered to every first year students. In this course the students are being trained on how use different applications, Microsoft excel for example, to simplify their work as teachers for those taking education courses. Business and accounting students also benefit from this by applying the skills in different areas of their studies.

ICT tools such as projectors are being used by lecturers to simplify the delivery of lectures and different presentations. MWECAU has fixed projectors in all of the main halls of the university and for those small classes, there are other projectors which are being used rotationally.

ICT Infrastructure and Facilities


There is a total of 102 well connected computers distributed among three computer labs and library. All of the computers can connect to the internet. The breakdown is as follows::

Table 6: Computer Rooms

Place No. of computers
Computer Room 1 (library building) 30
Computer Room 2 (AQ1) 30
Computer Room 3 (AQ2) 20
Library 22


We have three physical servers in which some of the mentioned systems are hosted, all our servers are running on Linux Operating systems.

  • Gateway Server: acts as a Router.
  • Elimu Server: University Management Systems
  • Koha Server: Library Management Systems

Computer Workshop

This is a place for conducting different practicals during computer diagnostic, network installation, administration and maintenance.

1. PC MAINTENANCE TOOL KIT Contains different tools used during activities such as opening/closing PCs,  and installing of different hardware in PCs.
2. NETWORKING TOOL KIT Used in different network installation and troubleshooting activities, cable testing.
3. BLOWERS Dust removing in computers
4. Wireless Access Points For network installation demonstrations

Email: ums@mwecau.ac.tz