Application Procedures

Application Procedures for degree and Non Degree Programmes

Due to the establishment of the ‘Centralized Admission System’ by TCU (Tanzania Commission for Universities) applications to Mwenge Catholic University will be as follows:

  1. a) Undergraduate Studies
    Direct Entrants
    Applicants with “A” level qualifications should send their applications to TCU by accessing the TCU website and applying online to TCU will provide directives on application through their website. For more information on how to apply to TCU, consult the Students’ Guide Book for Central Admission System on the TCU website.

Equivalent applicants
Interested candidates should contact the University or visit the TCU website and apply through the central admission system.

  1. b) Graduate studies
    Interested candidates apply directly to the University. Application Forms can be obtained directly from the University or downloaded from the University Website.
  2. c) Diploma and Certificate Programmes
    Interested candidates apply direct to the University or through NACTE (National Council for Technical Education). Application forms can be obtained from the University or downloaded from