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Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) was established in 2005.  The University was formally known as Mwenge University College of Education (MWUCE). Historically the University was started as a teacher Training college in 2001 known as St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College. The University is owned by Tanzania Episcope Conference (TEC) with an open access and equal opportunity to Students and staff of different faiths and backgrounds. Since its establishment as a teacher training college, the University has been involved in active academic, research and community engagement efforts to fulfill its mandate as a distinguished academic institution as well responding to the government policy of expanding education facilities and training to private sector in Tanzania. Indeed, the University was opened in response to government requests for the quantity and quality expansion of secondary and higher education in the country. When St. Joseph’s Teacher Training College was opened its focus was on training secondary school science teachers on the diploma level.

MWECAU has of late expanded and broadened its initial vision to focus on broader issues of academic and research initiatives. Thus, the University has increased and improved the capacity of its staff in teaching, research and consulting, introduced new undergraduate and postgraduate programs, expanded the physical facilities, enhanced the organization structure and governance, and improved an ability to generate and manage diversified sources of finance. With these developments, MWECAU registered about 4300 students and employed about 160 diversified academic and non academic staff.

Currently the University offers courses ranging from certificate to PhD levels. Programmes on offer include PhD in Education, Masters of Education, Master of Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelors degree in Education, Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography and Environmental Studies and Humanities. Certificates and diploma courses include ICT, Laboratory Technology, Business Administrations, Accounting, Procurement, Library, Laws and Humanities.


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