2018, November Conference

AASIKS in Collaboration with Mwenge Catholic University of Tanzania

Proudly presents

the 4th Annual International Conference of AASIKS

at the

Main Campus of Mwenge Catholic University

Moshi, Tanzania

Monday 5 – Thursday 7  November, 2018

The 2018 Annual International Conference of the African Association for the Study of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AASIKS) will take place from November 3 to 7, 2018 at the Moshi Campus of Mwenge Catholic University of Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania. We look forward to your participation.

The 2018 Conference theme is

Indigenous Knowledges in African Contexts.

Ways of Being, Knowing, Acting and Reading the World


The final call is now open for the submission of abstracts for papers (short, long, roundtable, symposium and poster) sessions on the following inter/multi / transdisciplinary conference subthemes:

Conference sub-themes:

  • African ways of being, knowing, thinking, acting and reading the world.
  • Place, boundaries, and the significance of knowledges in Indigenous Africa.
  • Historical perspectives: Colonial erasure of African ways of knowing, thinking and learning;
  • The clash of knowledges and Indigenous cultures in contemporary Africa;
  • Re/discovery and significance of African Indigenous ways of knowing in various fields including: education, art, languages, medicine, agriculture, the environment and Indigenous science;
  • Challenges to cultural knowledge of science;
  • African history of Indigenous science; Healing and Healers; Medicine; the propagation of wellbeing and food security;
  • Indigenous knowledges: traditional, empirical, and revealed;
  • De/Legitimations of Indigenous knowledges.

Conference Aims and Objectives

This conference will engage participants in appreciating African diversity, thinking more critically about their own history, culture, and identifying values that shape their own worldviews to “read the word and to read the world,” all of which are important to understanding meaningful cross-cultural encounters and other ways of knowing and learning in comparative contexts. The aims and objectives of the November 2018 Conference include:

  • Promote IKS as a viable paradigm for social, cultural, educational and economic development;
  • Provide a forum for deliberations of IKS research;
  • Challenge authoritative knowledge that dominates ways of knowing, thinking, acting and learning, and challenge how scientific knowledge is interpreted;
  • Open new avenues of talking, thinking, researching, and producing knowledge about IKS.

 Extended deadline for abstract/paper submission – Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The deadline for the submission of abstracts/papers for consideration on any of the themes and/or subthemes has been extended to Saturday, June 30, 2018. The submissions for presentation can be in the form of a short paper (3,000 words; maximum eight (8) pages including references); long paper (6,000 words; maximum fifteen (15) pages including references); poster session, roundtable, symposium (500 words; maximum (1 – 2) pages including references).

Guidelines for submission

  1. Papers on any of the themes must conform strictly to APA format (the 6th edition), font size 12 and in Times New Roman font type. (Please see APA Style guide attached).
  2. Papers must be submitted as MS WORD documents (.doc or .docx) and labelled (absolutely no pdf) as follows:
    1. for Short paper AASIKS2018_SP_your surname initial;
    2. for Long paper AASIKS2018_LP_surname initial;
    3. for Poster session AASIKS2018_P_your surname initial;
    4. for Roundtable AASIKS2018_RT_surname initial; and
    5. for Symposium AASIKS2018_SYM_surname initial.

All abstracts and papers must be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Conference, Mwenge Catholic University at the following email address:

lms11@psu.edu or lemunisemali@gmail.com

  1. The Conference Committee reserves the right to select papers for presentation.
  2. All abstracts and short papers received will be acknowledged and sent for review and acceptance by peer reviewers. A composite book of abstracts and short papers will be made available electronically at the conference site.
  3. Author(s) will be notified of acceptance or rejection (with reason) by email after the peer review process on or before 30 July 2018. Author(s) whose paper is accepted based on certain conditions must correct the condition(s) resubmit by Friday August 2, 2018.
  4. Accepted peer reviewed long papers will be published in a Book of Proceedings. A composite hard copy of the Book of Proceedings (R250) will be made available for purchase.
  5. Please read the submission requirements carefully. Accepted papers cannot be changed later.

Some Universities in Tanzania, South Africa and other countries DO NOT sponsor poster papers or short papers because they may not have undergone a rigorous review process. Two qualified reviewers will review all papers for this conference and comments will be sent electronically to author/s.

Registration for Conference

Authors presenting papers must renew their membership. Registration for the conference will open on-line on Monday, September 3, 2018 and close on Tuesday, 16 October 2018. Thereafter Late Registration fee of US$ 10.00 will apply. Registration Fee for Non-nationals is US$ 190.00 (Ninety US Dollars); for Nationals: US$ 25.00 (Twenty-Five Dollars); and for bona fide students with current students ID is US$10.00.

Also, note that Letters of Invitation will be sent on acceptance of presentation and on request.

All registrations and intention to attend the conference can be handled online. Please provide us with complete and up-to-date personal contact details.

 Foreign Payments (Non-Tanzanians)

Payments should be made to the following US DOLLAR ACCOUNT details (Non-nationals)

Bank Information:                              CRDB BANK, PLC

Branch Code:                                      Moshi Branch

Account Number:                               0250039285600

Swift Code (International Banking): CORUTZTZ

Account Name: MWECAU Research and Publications

Your Details: AASIKS2018_Surname Initials, Institution.

Local Currency Payments (Tanzania Nationals)

Payments should be made to the following Tanzania Shillings ACCOUNT details (Non-Nationals)

Bank Information:                              CRDB BANK, PLC

Branch Code:                                      Moshi Branch

Account Number:                               0150039285603

Swift Code (International Banking): CORUTZTZ

Account Name: Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU Research and Publications)

Address: P.O. Box 1302, Moshi, Tanzania.

Your Details:  AASIKS2018_Surname Initials, Institution



Travel and Visa requirements

Most SADC residents do not require entry VISA. Please check Tanzania Visa Section Website. All other individuals are expected to apply and obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Tanzania. Apply for your visa well ahead of your planned departure. Visit a Tanzania Embassy or Consulate near you.


Participants are expected to make their own arrangements. A list of hotels, Bed & Breakfast nearer to the campus will be provided on our website www.theaasiks.org and through announcement.

 For further information:
Please contact the LOC

Tel: + 27 11 717 6075 or +27 74 643 0133

Professor L. Semali (Chair) email: lms11@psu.edu or lemunisemali@gmail.com

Dr. Victorini Salema (Program chair) email: victorini_salema@yahoo.com

For further information on, paper submission, please contact the Conference Chair, Prof. L. Semali, Mwenge Catholic University, P.O. Box 1226, Moshi Tanzania.

For your membership fees, contact the AASIKS Secretariat, School of Science and Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education, University of the Western Cape:

Dr. Keith Roy Langenhoven, AASIKS Secretariat Manager

klangenhoven@uwc.ac.za or aasiksmanager@gmail.com

Office: +27 21 959 2510

Visit our website at www.theaasiks.org

 AASIKS EXCO: Emilia Nhalevilo, President; Dr. Femi Otulaja, Past President; Prof. Dr. Funmi Amosun, Treasurer; Dr. Keith Roy Langenhoven, Secretary; Prof. Theopoline Omagano Itenge, Assistant Secretary; Prof. Meschach Ogunniyi, Past-President; Dr. Moyra Keane, Editor-in-Chief,